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 AGRICOW internally manufactures Stall Mats and Dairy Flooring thanks to a big investment in machinery, moulds, and specialized software that puts us among the leading manufacturers of supplier of market stalls all over the world.
Thanks to an updated Injection Moulder Machine duly built,  Agricow is able to produce:   “fully vulcanized rubber”  whose features are:

100% non-toxic

100% recyclable

100% firerproof

They are not foam of rubber mats crumbled or compressed  easily deteriorate and loosing their softness in no time! Agricow rubber mats are non-deformable and long lasting. They are not “waste material” according to European Regulation.

 High quality materials,  Technology and Environmental Sustainability  to serve animal welfare and farm improving productivity .

Our mats are ideal for walking areas, milking parlor, reception areas and corridors or in the small graders.
It is particularly advantageous in areas where cows spend most of the time, because it reduces the pressure on the hooves and legs.

The AGRICOWS’ rubber mats have a slip-resistant surface and that provides a rough great friction as a function of movement, provide maximum traction facilitating greatly the movement of cows in the barn.Studies and tests have shown in fact that cows walk faster and slip much less on the rubber floor. 70% of cows walking on concrete floor glide at least slip once, but only 20% slip when walking on the rubber mats AGRICOW.

The rubber mats AGRICOW ensure a drier and cleaner environment for hygiene optimum improves the condition of the hooves and is easy to install anywhere.

lati diritti pietrino mod. con tacchettipuzzle cobblestone without studs

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rubber mats 4 straigt sides



  •  Improves traction
  •  Reduced number of falls and slips
  •   Reduction of fall injuries
  •  Reduction of veterinary costs
  • improves the hygiene of your barn

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  • –  Mats 4 straight sides or puzzle
  • –  Tailor-made for every slatted floor design
  • –  All models are also available with studs


The AGRICOWS’ rubber mats holds the
Fokus Test 08-376 having passed the tests of resistance to abrasion and resistance to slipping and was
one of best in class.

The DLG Test Fokus is a voluntary audit focused on one or more aspects of a partial product, such as strength or quality.
The DLG provides the certification mark Fokus Test accompanied by benchmarks used for the award of the certification, which is a guarantee of reliability.

The tests which were carried out on two products are:

– Abrasion resistance

– Slip resistance

The rubber mat Agricow was subjected to an abrasion test by using a kind of sandpaper to which it was applied a pressure of up to 500N a total area of 61.5 cm2 (equivalent to approximately 8.13 N/cm2 1Kg/cm2).
The depth abrasion, after 20,000 rotations in both directions was equal to 3.2 mm or 17% of the total thickness. There were removed in total 8.7gr of material.

Test result: Resistance to abrasion +

Through special instruments it was decided to simulate the slip resistance both in the presence of wet and dry. The speed of travel was 20 mm/s.
The test showed good slip resistance on both wet rubber to dry.
The friction coefficient was above the minimum threshold of 0.45 μ.

Test result: Slip resistance +

Legenda: + + Excellent + good 0 standard – mediocre — poor


claw damages reducing Feet damages reducing

Stall mats for slatted floorTESTIMONIAL

 “It is the right cow floor!” “Feed intake increase over 3,5 kilos” Farmer in Bergamo

 “Since Agricow rubber mat has been installed over groves, the fear of slippageis gone” Dary Farmer in Verona

 “No problem letting the cows loose. It’s worth the money” Franciosi Farmer

“Cows don’t hesitate to enter the room since the rubber floor was installed”Franciosi Farmer

“Cows don’t hesistate to enter the room since the rubber floor was installed”Baietta Dairy Fram Mantova



Stall mats for slatted floor




STALL MATS under the scraper                 

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