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A cow clean and well taken care contributes to greater health of the herd.

Agricow rotating brushes are designed to improve the health of the cow, the comfort and welfare.
They are produced internally in our factories with stringent testing and quality control.
They can be supplied with 220v or 110v motors in different colors.
The hourglass-shaped rolls ensure the correct ergonomic pressure and grip on the animal.
They start to rotate on contact, due to the software applied and developed, the brush start alternating their departure at once in the right once in left.
This allows for less wear and deformation of the bristles, while retaining their hardness long.
The speed of rotation is designed to make a friendly location for the cows.
PPL polymer bristles have the right length and hardness to stimulate the blood circulation while helping to keep the cows clean and quiet with a nice massage.
The inverter with automatic locking in the case of forced stop making them safe and unique, as  well as sensors overvoltage, under voltage or rise in temperature regulate the proper functioning.

A real revolution in the care of the cow and for his comfort.
It is scientifically established that healthy cows produce more milk and with a AGRICOWS’ brush sure the cows have the best possible conditions of comfort.
They are delivered pre-assembled to facilitate installation with a useful instructions manual.
AGRICOWS’ brushes are easy to

The brushes Agricow:

They give the most comfort for the cow
Removes parasites, old hair and skin scales
Easy to install on wall or on a post
Low on energy consumption
Easy to clean
Suitable for 50 to 60 cows
Promoting cow traffic
Increase animal health and welfare
Increase the performance of your herd
Reduce veterinary cost

AGRICOW owns the Italian patent No. 1360795 of May 19, 2009 (presented with request BS2005A000032 on March 11, 2005) relating to "Apparatus for brushing cattle" and the equivalent European patent No. 1665927 of 23.01.2006 valid in the states members of the European Patent Convention.

The patent states that the oscillating brush AGRICOW is equipped with two locks that prevent
the same to rotate freely.
This is fundamental to massage the skin as it is carried on the back the correct pressure on the animal, as opposed to brushes of competitors ranging freely in all directions, with bumps that create pain and annoy the animal.
The generous dimensions of the rolls 50x100 cm ensure a thorough and careful cleaning.
A study conducted in USA Universities shows that dairy cows through the use of the brush give greater milk production and fewer cases of clinical mastitis.
The research team concluded that the cows using the brush showed a significant increase in milk production up to 1 kg per day.
The installation of the brush immediately showed a high appreciation of cows.
The staff of the research team has immediately noticed the frequent and intense use of the brush by the animals and the desire to use it.
Another important observation is the significant reduction in clinical mastitis (over 30%) between cows and other cows that did not use the brush.
According to the investment made, the brush pays for itself quickly with the entry profit derived from a combination of increased milk production and reduction costs through the prevention of mastitis.
In addition, the brush maintains herd clean and active, calm and balanced.


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